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chef lorell diaz


Lorell Díaz, born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. grew up in a family  where culinary art is  a passion.

As the years passed, Chef Lorell was able to travel to many States on where she had the chance to be educated, and learn the fusion of flavors and gastronomy of many places like:  Pasadena California, New York, and Miami.

There, she learned the base and foundations of running kitchens and restaurants together with renowned chefs like: Chef Wilo Benet, Chef Emeril Lagasse, Fernando Grill and Chef Augustos Schreiner, to name just a few.


Being a young Chef, helped her to work at different kitchens in Convention Centers, being part of the opening of  restaurants, and design menus, helped her evolve in the Culinary Art and because of that she's able to provide each of her clients with the best service.


In 2017, The Culinary Team of Puerto Rico, where she is a member, she won the Silver Medal for being committed to bring new fusions of flavors, plus offering all her knowledge and skills,  to achieve and always exceed the expectations of her clients.


Chef Lorell Diaz, together with Creations Cuisine, are determined to conquer the world of gastronomy and culinary art in the Central Florida.

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